Federal Republic of Italcania
Respùblika Fedhèrale de Italcania
Italcania.png Coat of Arms of Italcania
Flag Coat of arms
Italcania Map.png
Capital Roma (Rome)
Languages Italcanian (Official) Locally: Italian, Croatian, Greek, Arabic, Albanian, Turkish, Serbian, Slovenian, Macedonian, German, Romanish, Ladin, Franco-Provençal, Occitan, Cimbrian and Mocheno
Demonym Italcanians
Religion Catholicism (70%)
Orthodoxy (13%)
Islam (10%)
Atheism (4%)
Other (3%)
Government Federal Parliamentary Republic
 -  Head of State Antonio12ITA
 -  Total 729.721 km² (281.747 sq mi)
 -  2042 census 152.915.296 
Density 209,6/km²  (542,7/sq mi)
GDP (nominal) 2042 estimate
 - Total $6.732 trillion
 - Per capita $44,026
HDI (2050) 0.924
Currency Italcanian Lira
Time zone UTC+1 (West Part) UTC+2 (East Part)
Date format DD/MM/YYYY
Drives on the On the Right Way
Calling code +12
Internet TLD .itc
a. Italcaniaball


Federal Republic of Italcania is a Country of Afro-Eurasia (Mostly Europe).


The Etymology of the name comes from "Italia" and "Balcania". Then: Italcania

In the designation of the name aren't included extra-european territories: Tunisia, South-West Anatolia, Cyprus and the Syrian Coast,


A New Liberal-Conservative Party

In 2025 is founded a centrist liberal-conservative party: the PLCCDI: (Partito Liberale Conservatorio Cristiano Democratico Italiano): Liberal-Conservative Italian Party and Christian democratic.

Meanwhile, Italy was hit by a severe economic crisis that risk to do the dissolution of the country by a division into small countries.

From Political Party to De Facto Country

The next year, in 2025 PLCCDI gets support by many towns of South Italy, and it was strongly endorsed by Italian parliament.

In 2026, PLCCDI become one of 10 most voted political parties of Italy 13% of votes and the next year with 24% of the votes.

In 2028, Italy fails, it get divided into many states:

  • 1. Federal Republic of Padania with Matteo Salvini as president.
  • 2. Veneto is a dependency of Padania.
  • 3. United Centre-North Republic (Tuscany-Marche-Umbria) with Matteo Renzi as president.
  • 4. South Tyrol, on January 2029 becomes a Dependency of Austria.
  • 5. Kingdom of Sicily threatened by ISIS
  • 6. Republic of Sardinia
  • 7. Napolitania or Kingdom of Naples with Luigi Di Maio as prime minister.
  • 8. Lazio becomes Second Roman Republic.

Meanwhile France accept a referendum about Corsica's independence (60% vote for): On November 3rd, 2028, it was born a new Country: Republic of Corsica.